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Ladies scarves - Frequently asked questions

Versace Jeans Couture jewellery can change even the simplest outfit. Thesame role can be played by a women's scarf or necker if its pattern or colour is expressive. The practical function of scarves makes them perfect accessories!

Kids shoes 25-39 Cotton throughout the year

It is absolutely unquestionable that scarves are to protect us from the cold. Interestingly, in ancient Rome, they have also played a completely different practical role. Scarves called Sudarium, tied around neck, were used to wipe away sweat from the face.

Scarves boom

Today scarves and neckers are an integral part of many outfits, but they are not the only desirable accessory. In the eighteenth century, however, in Western Europe the scarves have became so popular that they obtained almost cult status. Nowadays we would say that they were the "must have" of every elegant woman, being proud of a high material status.

Ladies scarves timelessness


appropriately stored scarves e. g. woollen, cashmere or silk will be used for years. What's more, ladies can keep them for their daughters who, when they grow up, will also be able to wear them and be proud of having something unique.

Cotton throughout the year

Ice Caves scarf ladies scarves is of course cotton. Such scarves can be worn in spring, summer and early autumn. As we know, woollen scarves will be the best for winter time, because they will protect us against the greatest frost. Kids shoes 25-39 made of silk, modal, and cashmere are also very popular.

Designer scarves

Scarves, headscarves or women's neckers can be bought in most clothing shops. We will also find them in collections of famous designers such as Gucci,Philipp Plein, that combines music, art and fashion designer scarves could be found in our online store, where one can also buy other accessories, such as hats or sunglasses of top brands collections.

A history of the brand?

For our scarves and neckers to remain a good condition for a long time, it is important not only to be made of top quality materials, but also to be handled properly. As well as following

manufacturer's instructions for cleaning, it is advisable to store them in a secure place. It may be a carrier bag or a larger sack, so that our accessory will be resistant to external damage.

How match a scarf to the outfit?

It is also worth remembering about several principles, thanks to which the scarf or necker purchased will not only perform its practical role, but also helps to compose a fashionable outfit. As in the case of richly decorated jewellery, if a scarf is characterised by a wealth of patterns, like, for example, leopard print scarf, one should wear it in combination with uniformly textured clothes, thus avoiding patchiness. This also works in reverse. Plain elements in vivid colours, for example mustard scarf will be a great addition to the coat or jacket with print.

Scarves’ multi-functionality

Delicate scarf of a larger size, can be used as a cover in summer evenings instead of for example jacket or a sweater. Moreover, we can also use it on the beach as a pareo. Smaller neckerchiefs, on the other hand, are perfect as a hair decoration.