Burberry women is an essence of British elegance in a casual edition. The brand's designs are worn by Queen Elizabeth, modern stars, fashion lovers and women, who in their wardrobes appreciate especially the craft, excellent materials and universal looks. Each individual brand design is characterised by the highest quality, modern spirit and precise finishing. According to Burberry, the recipe for success is to see and understand modern women at a time when their strength and independence are becoming increasingly visible.

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Perfect coat: the Burberry touch for women

Legendary women's Burberry coats are considered as must-have by many women around the world. Each trench designed by clothing-retail companies’ designers and not only is inspired exactly by this timeless model, which over the years had been worn by the most famous Hollywood celebrities. The Burberry women’s coat has become a synonym for everyday elegance and style that will never pass. Especially if complemented with a magnificent fragrance of Burberry perfume for women.

Burberry women’s collection – sports edition of elegance

Apart from famous coats, other Burberry products are also well known. For example, women's jackets are not less popular among the brand's customers. Elegantly quilted, inspired by elite horse riding fashion or the casual style of British women. Burberry women’s shirt and jackets are characterised by, above all, timeless cut, which is perfect for everyday use, for a weekend trip and many other informal occasions.

Burberry dresses, perfect for every occasion

Burberry dresses are for women busy with business meetings, shopping and family during the day, who want to relax over dinner with friends in the evening, without having to change the outfit. That is why the universal cut had to be the key to their design. Dresses are designed in such a way, that, combined with proper accessories like women handbag or a scarf, allow to create a professional, casual or very feminine look. All this is WITH out in the modern style of a successful woman.

Burberry shoes for women — adjusted to your needs

Burberry shoes represent perfect finishing for women's outfit, that match as well to Burberry skirt as to wide range of accessories. Thanks to that they allow you to create a set ideal for any occasion. In our shop you will find Burberry flats, comfortable espadrilles or elegant and very impressive heels.