Diesel Women's Collection Diesel

Diesel women’s collections have no limits in creativity. The Diesel brand, associated with stylish accessories for men, understands and interprets women's clothing in its unconventional way. Renzo Rosso has founded the brand in 1978 and initially it was famous for high quality jeans. In the 90's, luxurious accessories were included into Diesel offer, including those associated with the brand to this day, like watches with a large dial face and an original interface. Today, the Diesel fashion house is known all over the world, and the Italian boutiques can be found in the world's largest cities - Berlin, Paris and New York.

Diesel Women's

Diesel women - touch of luxury

For many years Diesel, established in 1978, has been a pioneer in producing luxury accessories for men. However, not everyone knows that the Diesel fashion house understands women's clothing as well as the men cuts.

Diesel - dress instead of famous jeans?

Appreciated for an unusual designs Renzo Rosso, the creator of the unique brand, used to fit ladies Diesel jeans to women's silhouettes. Existing for more than 25 years, the company became famous for making a second skin out of a pair of ordinary jeans. Diesel denim jeans for women are comparable to very feminine outfits, like, for example evening dresses. This is a result of outstanding quality and the fact, that women's and men's trousers of Diesel are produced mainly in Italian manufacturing plants This is also why the Diesel women'Taxes and duties included.

Not only for men

Courageous cuts of Diesel women’s jeans, clothing and unique accessories attract ladies who love extraordinary style of this Italian duet. Among many designs it is impossible to find two similar pieces. Designers cleverly play with the form of created clothes - among the popular models we can find both monumental creations made of light and precious fabrics, as well as proposals for everyday use in the casual edition. Dresses of Diesel - brand created by men - highlight women's strengths and allow ladies to stand out from the crowd. Italians remain also the footwear industry leaders. Diesel women's shoes, often of an androgenic form, perfectly match to the other brand proposals.

Among the luxurious accessories such as Diesel watches, models dedicated to women are as interesting as those for men. Made of high quality and fashionable raw materials - pink gold, leather, and often maintained in the military style, Diesel women's watches remain an unrivalled pattern. Get acquainted with the brand’s offer of accessories and Diesel jeans women’s sale on SneakersbeShops.com.