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A new interpretation of the iconic tiger's image is one of the most recognizable elements in every women collection from Kenzo. Created and used years ago by Takada on a leather jacket, now can be seen on blouses, t-shirts as well as on sweatshirts and dresses. The items sought-after by celebrities, bloggers and the brand's fans quickly became a sales hit. The tiger has also appeared on other products from Kenzo like shoes and silk scarves. Under the helm of the freshly appointed creative director Nigo, Kenzo embarks on a new journey. Nigo's ultra-creative mindset ensures a new take on the notion of blending different cultures.

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History of the fashion house dates back to 1970. It was the moment, when Kenzo Takada, after several years of work in the textile and clothing industry, decided to open his own company under the name Jungle Jap. Boutique decoration referring to the rainforest has become a characteristic sign of the brand. In 1983, Kenzo's first men collection was presented. Five years later, women's perfumes were shown. Fragrances for men appeared for the first time in the brand's offer in early 1990s. In 1993 the French concern bought the Kenzo brand. Women's and men's collections of this fashion house are currently designed by two Americans, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim.

The king's return - Kenzo dress with prints

In 2002, the designers established the Opening Ceremony brand, which is extremely popular in the United States. As creative directors of a luxury Parisian fashion house, they try to give the collections a youthful, energetic character, while simultaneously striving to preserve and honour Kenzo's heritage and traditions. The brand has a very open approach to the influence of cultures all over the world. A visible manifestation of it are e. g. famous, dynamic prints present on Kenzo women’s t-shirt and dresses.

Colourful, brave, unpredictable Kenzo fashion house, already at the moment of founding by a visionary Japanese, Kenzo Takada, has showed that it intends to apply a shock therapy to the fashion industry. Paris, filled with perfect and stylistically correct tailoring, gained a talented, rebellious inhabitant.The effects of his work quickly spread beyond the capital city of France, conquering thirsty for fresh and original projects world.

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