Thierry Lasry Women's Collection Thierry Lasry

Launched in 2006, the brand of the French designer is characterised by refined and distinctive silhouettes blending the past and present. Born and bred in Paris by creative parents - an optician father and a designer mother, Thierry went on to produce retro-inspired eyewear with a futuristic flair. With a visionary approach to designing and a passion for bold colours and geometric shapes, Thierry Lasry offers lavish sunglasses for women that fuse fashion, beauty and architectural influences. Loved by the world’s top celebrities the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Madonna, Kate Moss, Usher and Travis Scott, this label pride itself on utilizing the finest craftsmanship techniques and choosing only acetate frames from the reputable Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli.

Thierry Lasry Women's

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