White Mountaineering

Founded in 2006 by Yosuke Aizawa, White Mountaineering is a Tokyo-based label known for durable outerwear that will not only test your endurance but also provide aesthetically pleasing attire. Aizawa, who graduated from the Department of Product and Textile Design at Tama Art University, became later a protégé of Junya Watanabe, that prompted him into creating a brand of his own. White Mountaineering offers shrewdly designed clothing for men inspired by outdoor activities like skiing and climbing, ranging in weatherproof jackets, GORE-TEX parkas, warm fleeces as well as T-shirts, corduroy jackets, shorts and pants. If you are on the lookout for styles that blend alpinism with an urbanized sense, take a look at White Mountaineering.

White Mountaineering Women's

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